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Girl Scout Troop 6000™ Empowers Girls at Domestic Violence Shelters

Girl Scout Troop 6000 Cookie Sale
By Dana Rosenwasser
September 17, 2018

Our domestic violence shelters are homes to families with children of all ages. One of the goals of shelter is to create a supportive environment where our residents can build community and connection while they heal. The girls living in domestic violence shelters Rose House and Lily House were recently invited to join the Girl Scout community. They became the first domestic violence shelter residents to join Girl Scout Troop 6000; a troop exclusively for girls living in New York City shelters!

One of the things our domestic violence shelters strive to do is help families gain a sense of normalcy and community while they are healing from their experiences of domestic violence,” Rachel Goldsmith, Associate Vice President of our Domestic Shelters explains. Troop 6000 helps achieve that goal by creating continuity for girls whose families may need to relocate often. Troop 6000 connects participants living in shelters across New York City so if they move to a different shelter, they will still be part of the troop.

The Girl Scouts of Greater New York program covers membership fees and troop dues, starter kits for the girls, which include the signature vest, pins, and workbooks, as well as program supplies and financial aid for summer camp and other Girl Scout programs. Parents are also encouraged to join the girls in the fun educational and enriching activities, and enjoy valuable leadership opportunities themselves!

Troop 6000 Empowers Girls at Domestic Violence Shelters

Joining the Girl Scout Sisterhood

Troop 6000 participates in the same activities as any other Girl Scout troop. This includes learning, forging forever friendships, and participating in signature Girl Scout activities. At the inaugural meeting, the girls learned the Girl Scout promise, picked badges that they would like to earn, and made Girl Scout promise bracelets.

The girls at Rose House earned their Cookie Sale Badges and sold 113 of 120 boxes of cookies in two hours. The girls at Lily House worked towards earning their Financial Literacy Badge.

Girls from both our shelters got the chance to flex their business savvy by selling Girl Scout cookies at the Kellogg’s Café in Union Square. At the cookie sale, the girls got an in-depth look at how the cookies were made. This included hands-on experience learning about ingredients and the baking process. Troop 6000 collectively sold over 30,000 cookies at the cafe in just one week!

Troop 6000 Empowers Girls at Domestic Violence Shelters

Celebrating the Unique Strengths and Potential of Each Girl

Girl Scout Troop 6000 cultivates a strong sense of community, consistency, and belonging, and brings curiosity and fun to the shelter every week. Maoly, a Childcare Aid who works at Lily House, has seen the girls flourish since joining Troop 6000. “The girls love being in Girl Scouts and are proud to say they are part of something. It’s like a sisterhood for them. Not only do they live together, but they also join this troop together.”

We are proud to have our shelter residents be part of Troop 6000. We look forward to expanding the opportunity to join Troop 6000 to residents at our Prelude shelter.

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