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Break the silence, we are here to listen.

Supportive Counseling

We can provide ongoing support and counseling services during your recovery from violence or abuse. We offer supportive counseling where we listen to your experience and the choices that you are making or have made without judgement. We work with you to develop ways for you to cope if you get overwhelmed.

Trauma Counseling

Treating trauma effectively is critical to healing. Our Counseling Center is the only New York State-licensed mental health clinic focused solely on treating trauma reactions that many victims of crime and abuse experience. The center uses proven treatments to help survivors of all ages heal.

Our Programs


For many survivors of violence, the journey to safety and healing starts with a simple phone call.

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Community Programs

Find the guidance and resources you want and need.

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Counseling Center

Help to overcome the impact of abuse.

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Streetwork Project

A program to serve homeless youth and help them find stability. No judgement, just options.

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Anti-Trafficking Program

Take back your freedom.

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