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Leaders on the Horizon

Rising Leaders Supporting Our Work

Through Leaders on the Horizon, Safe Horizon hopes to build a network of highly engaged supporters, advocates, and most importantly leaders. Members will strive to generate awareness and funds for our work while playing a vital role in bringing about impactful solutions for our clients.

Arriana Marion
Senior Sales Executive, Pandora

Frances Del Rosario, PMP
Vice Chair

Mallory Hagan
Chair, Awareness Committee
Co-Founder, Define, LLC. and Miss America 2013

Heath Miller
Chair, Events Committee
Vice President – Concerts, Webster Hall Entertainment

Christine Maloblocki
Vice Chair, Events Committee
Head of Commercial Marketing, Capital One Bank

Diana C. Mousally
Chair, Nominations and Governance Committee
Vice President – Human Resources, Morgan Stanley

Gregg Walker
Vice Chair, Nominations and Governance Committee

Kelleigh Whelan
Vice Chair, Awareness Committee
Consultant, Oliver Wyman

Christina Ballinger
Operations Manager, Webster Hall Entertainment

Christine Daly
Attorney and Mediator

Carla Franklin
Founder, Carlin Solutions

Annika Goldman
Content Manager, Spotify

Jose Hernandez
District Manager, Chop’t Creative Salad Company

Tabitha Holbert
Founder of BoHo Yoga & Actress

Kristina Faller
Director of Finance and Business Affairs, 5wPR

Kira Kazantsev
Miss America 2015

Rachel Lev
Licensed Medical Social Worker

Michael Nemirovsky
Business Controller, Online Sales Planning, H&M

Lindsay Orleans
Sales Associate, Altrum Honors

Reena Patel
Associate Director, Capital Markets Consulting at Thomson Reuters

Jann Parish
Senior Vice President – Marketing the Americas and Global Underwear, Calvin Klein

Lizzie Schneider
Head of Global Customer Experience Strategy and Business Operations, Google, Inc.

Michael Smith

Jimmy Wilson
Personal Assistance to Mr. Alan Cumming

Nichole Wormell
Manager of Strategic Partnerships & Event Marketing, NATIVEHAUS

For more information about Leaders on the Horizon or to request and application, please contact Eddie Pelto at

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