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14 Principles to Support Human Trafficking Victims

Human trafficking and forced labor have existed for centuries and an estimated 25 million people worldwide are victims of forced labor each year according to research conducted by the International Labour Organization and Walk Free Foundation. Yet, the field that is working to help these survivors is relatively new.

As public awareness grows and service providers, advocates, law enforcement, and governments place greater emphasis on supporting survivors and ending this horrific crime, there is an urgent need to collect and share knowledge about how we can best assist human trafficking victims in finding safety and regaining control of their lives.

Safe Horizon set out to bring together service providers to arrive at a consensus of which practices should serve as a foundation for future research and the eventual development of internationally-recognized, evidence-based practices. To accomplish this, Safe Horizon convened a Global Learning Collaborative (GLC) that combined research and the perspectives of ten social service providers from from around the globe—including Trinidad and Tobago, Nigeria, Peru, Kenya, Denmark, Cambodia, India, Australia and the United States—all with very different missions, approaches, and clients.

We have produced a report that represents the culmination of the GLC’s work to develop a set of fourteen globally-minded, evidence-informed, testable recommendations. These 14 Principles of Practice (or PoPs) can be implemented to assist trafficking survivors—regardless of their location, age, gender, or experience—on their path toward the restoration of justice.

14 Principles to Support Human Trafficking Victims

To view the report’s one-pager, click here.

Download the 32-page Global Collaboration Against Human Trafficking Report: Fourteen Principles for Working with Human Trafficking Victim.

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