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Funding Cuts Loom Over Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP), a Lifeline for Crime Victims in NYC


At a time when New Yorkers are deeply concerned about their safety on the subway, in the streets, and in their own homes, Mayor Adams has rolled out plans to dramatically cut $3M in city funding to Safe Horizon’s precinct-based Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP).

Safe Horizon’s CVAP is a lifeline for crime victims in New York City. Through CVAP, New Yorkers who file police reports for crimes such as rape, domestic violence, shootings, assault, retail theft, financial abuse, and ID theft can find quick and compassionate care.

These are our neighbors, friends, and family members who are going through some of the most difficult experiences of their lives. Every survivor deserves respect and support.

What’s at Stake

Last year, CVAP provided services to 26,000 domestic violence victims, 27,000 crime victims (other than domestic violence) and 800 sexual assault survivors, reaching a total of over 53,000 victims.

This funding cut means 11,000 New Yorkers each year will not receive critical, and often lifesaving, services following a crime.

Mayor Adams and his administration claim to care about public safety. This is his chance to prove it. He should immediately reinstate this funding so that Safe Horizon can continue to help restore safety, promote healing, and ultimately prevent further crime.

Take Action

We can’t afford to have funding cuts to lifesaving programs and leave survivors without support. Please join us in urging the administration to restore funding to CVAP.

  1. Join our community and use this social media toolkit to help fight for restored funding of CVAP here.
  2. Submit this letter urging Mayor Adams to fund CVAP! The only information they require is an email address and zip code. Visit the mayor contact page here, select “Budget” for “Message Topic” and paste the text below. You can personalize it as much as you wish – in fact, personalization often helps to ensure these emails are read!

Dear Mayor Adams,

Crime victims in every NYC neighborhood rely on Safe Horizon’s Crime Victim Assistance Program for support. A proposed $3 million cut would leave countless New Yorkers without support. If you truly care about public safety, you will reinstate CVAP funding to its full amount. When survivors get the support they need, the whole city heals.

Please stand with survivors – #NYCNeedsCVAP

Thank you for taking action to stand with us as we fight to maintain funding of services for survivors.

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