Domestic Violence Legal Services

Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/DVLP_LegalServices1.jpgSafe Horizon's legal services can provide information, advice, referrals, and conflict resolution help.

Each year, more than 1,200 individuals and families call our Domestic Violence Law Project and Immigration Law Project offices seeking support directly, in addition to referrals for representation from the citywide domestic violence hotline, directly from district attorneys and family court and immigration judges, and from community groups throughout the five boroughs.

Both our Domestic Violence Law Project (DVLP) and Immigration Law Project (ILP) services provide free legal information and advice to domestic violence victims with family and immigration law-related matters. Additionally, we provide direct legal representation to low-income and indigent domestic violence victims in family and supreme court proceedings, and immigration matters throughout New York City.

We can provide help in the following matters:

  • Orders of Protection
  • Child and Spousal Support
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Divorce
  • Immigration

Domestic Violence Law Project

Safe Horizon established the Domestic Violence Law Project (DVLP) in 1991. Since its inception, DVLP has provided high-quality legal representation to thousands of low-income and indigent battered women in orders of protection, custody, support, and divorce proceedings. DVLP attorneys also advocate for clients within the criminal justice system. DVLP staff conducts educational training seminars with clients, pro bono attorneys, and agency staff in order to increase awareness of the legal issues facing battered women.

Contact the Domestic Violence Law Project, Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 5:30pm at 718.834.7430 x10 for assistance.

If our answering machine picks up, please let us know if it is safe for us to call you back or leave a message. If you cannot talk during those hours, exceptions can be made to talk at a later time.

Immigration Law Project

The Immigration Law Project (ILP), operating since 1988, provides free and low-cost services to victims of crime, torture, and abuse in immigration proceedings. ILP has represented hundreds of battered women in Violence Against Women Act self-petitions and adjustment proceedings as well as gender-based asylum claims.

Call the Immigration Law Project at 718.943.8632 for further assistance. Se habla espanol.


In 2011, Safe Horizon's Mediation program became the New York Peace Institute. For help regarding mediation, please visit the New York Peace Institute website.

Precinct Programs

The Domestic Violence Police Programs (DVPP) team a Safe Horizon caseworker with a police officer to conduct home visits and follow up on cases of reported domestic violence. Caseworkers offer crisis intervention counseling and advocacy for victims of domestic violence to help them in working with the police and the District Attorney’s Office. DVPP counselors also conduct awareness presentations for police and in communities, business offices, and Police Service Areas throughout the five boroughs.

To contact Safe Horizon's Precinct Programs, please call the hotline.

Navigating the Court System

Safe Horizon operates more than 30 court-based programs throughout the five boroughs that assist victims in navigating the court system by providing advocacy, information, resources, and access to private waiting rooms for victims. Safe Horizon’s Children’s Centers, located in court houses in all five boroughs, provide free, supportive, educational child care for child victims and witnesses and other children of adults who must appear in court.

To find out how Safe Horizon can help you, go to Court & Community Services.

Supervised Visitation

Safe Horizon supervises visits between children and their non-custodial parents and provides individual and group counseling for children and their guardians. Case managers assess the child’s well being, advise parents on problems that result from separation, and help families develop long-term visitation agreements. Additionally, they keep the court informed of the progress and cooperation of each family member in the program in order for the Judge to make visitation and custody decisions that are in the best interest of the children.

Safe Horizon's mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.
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