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Karina and Daughter

Karina and her daughter came to Safe Horizon after Karina’s daughter disclosed that she was being abused, carrying with them a backpack containing a homework journal. During a session at Safe Horizon, Karina and her daughter each made a bracelet for one another.

It can be earth-shattering to find out that a person we love is being hurt. This was the situation for Karina when she found out her daughter was being abused. At our Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) children can get compassionate, expert care. Karina and her daughter found hope and healing at this welcoming, hopeful space. During one session, they made bracelets for each other as symbols of trust and their repaired bond.

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Our Impact

1 in 33 New Yorkers find safety and hope through Safe Horizon each year. Our community of advocates and donors is working to destigmatize abuse, raise awareness, and invest in social and racial justice.

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