Streetwork's Harlem Center: Art Center

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In an open and airy corner of the main loft space you can find the Art Center. Next to the small library stocked with books for inspiration, the area has bright blue walls covered in beadwork, drawings, paintings and collages.

Young people come in from the chaos of their lives on the streets. A lot of them use art as an outlet for the issues that they’re having now or they’ve had in the past.

The space is also a favorite of Streetwork’s youngest visitors -- the infants and toddlers who come to the center with their young homeless and street-involved parents.

Streetwork is the only drop-in program in New York City that welcomes young parents and their children. The program’s parenting component helps ensure the wellbeing of young children, teaching parenting skills to those so alienated from the child welfare system that they may otherwise never receive services.

Each Streetwork counselor is a mandated reporter, required to contact child protective services if a parent is truly homeless or a child shows any signs of abuse and neglect. Yet most young parents go to extraordinary lengths to maintain a safe home for themselves and their children despite their circumstances. For them, Streetwork serves as a resource -- offering parenting support groups, housing and legal assistance and intensive counseling.

Next stop: The Counseling Rooms.

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