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Stalking does not happen only to celebrities. There are more than one million stalking victims each year in the United States, and most of them know their stalkers. Find help through Safe Horizon’s services if you are a victim of stalking.

Signs You Are Being Stalked

  • Does your ex-partner always seem to be just around the corner when you are going to work, out with friends, or in your neighborhood?
  • Does someone you know keep making unwanted phone calls to you at home or work?
  • Do you find signs that your partner has been in or near your home, your car, or your workplace when you weren’t there?
  • Are you receiving repeated letters, faxes, gifts, and/or emails even though you told the sender to stop sending them?
  • Has someone tried to get information about you from a third person like a family member, friend, or co-worker?

Stalking Victim Services in New York City

If you need face-to-face help and you live in New York City, visit a Safe Horizon Community Program office, where our staff can help you get information, find referrals, and connect to other services.

Help for Victims of Stalking

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