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Pursuing Justice: E. Jean Carroll Files Civil Suit Under the New York State Adult Survivors Act (ASA)

May 8, 2023

Journalist E. Jean Carroll is suing her abuser, former President Donald Trump, under the New York State Adult Survivors Act (ASA). To raise awareness about ASA and make sure that survivors of sexual abuse, like E. Jean Carroll, can seek justice against the person(s) who harmed them, we’ll break down the following in this blog post:

  • How the ASA works
  • How long survivors of sexual abuse have to file a civil suit under ASA
  • An opportunity to attend our press conference outside of the courthouse where E. Jean Carroll’s trial is being held
  • Next steps you can take to support victims and survivors

What is the New York State Adult Survivors Act?

ASA is a law that creates a pathway to justice for individuals who were sexually assaulted as adults but were prevented by the statute of limitations from suing their abusers. Its one-year lookback window provides sexual assault survivors a true legal path to justice.

This act took a critical step to change the statute of limitations to allow survivors the opportunity to legally pursue a civil suit and hold the individuals(s)/institution(s) who caused them harm accountable for their actions. The powerful voices of our Adult Survivors Act Survivors Coalition were instrumental in making this law a reality.

How Long Do Survivors Have to File a Civil Suit Under ASA?

We want to be sure time-barred survivors know they have this limited opportunity to seek justice in our civil courts and file a civil suit under ASA. The ASA’s lookback window opened on November 24, 2022, and will close this year on November 23, 2023.

Adult Survivors Act Press Conference

Safe Horizon held a press conference on Monday, May 8, 2023, in support of E. Jean Carroll outside the courthouse where her case was being heard.

For press inquiries, please contact

Press Conference Photo

Safe Horizon CEO Liz Roberts at the podium while survivors embrace

A coalition of survivors who advocated for ASA pose for a group shot

A coalition of survivors stand in support of all sexual assault survivors at a press conference on May 8, 2023

Bridie Farrell speaks at Podium

Bridie Farrell speaks at Podium

CEO Liz Roberts speaks at podium

External Links

USA Today: “In E. Jean Carroll lawsuit against Trump, we’re reminded there’s no right way to be raped”

What Are the Next Steps I Can Take to Support Survivors?

To learn more about ASA and show your support to survivors, you can take the following actions:

  1. Visit our ASA webpage to explore frequently asked questions
  2. Donate to support advocating for victims and survivors
  3. Start a Team Horizon Fundraiser to turn your compassion into action
  4. Share this page on social media to spread the word about ASA
  5. Sign up for updates by email from Safe Horizon

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