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Ariel Zwang in NY Post Letter to Editor Supports Cuomo Anti-Sexual Assault Campaign

Ariel_Zwang_in_New_York_Post_ Support_ Enough_is_Enough_Sexual_Violence

The New York Post
June 1, 2015

A letter to the Editor by Safe Horizon CEO Ariel Zwang in support of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “Enough is Enough” campaign to eradicate sexual assault on college campuses recently appeared in the New York Post.

An excerpt from the letter is below:

At Safe Hori­zon, we work with thou­sands of vic­tims of sex­ual as­sault ev­ery year. So­ci­ety must take ev­ery avail­able step to pre­vent these crimes from ever tak­ing place and, where needed, of­fer sup­port and ser­vices to those harmed by sex­ual as­sault.” Zwang further wrote, “we support Cuomo’s commonsense proposal to help pro­tect scores of college students throughout the state — students who everyone agrees deserve every ounce of protection and safety.

The Governor’s campaign seeks new legislation to help eradicate sexual assault on college campuses.

The legislation would codify a sexual assault prevention and response policy currently in place in 64 State University of New York (SUNY) campuses, applying the provisions to all colleges and universities – public and private in New York State. This would ensure that the state’s 1.2 million college students are protected with comprehensive and uniform procedures and guidelines.

Safe Horizon created a petition thanking the governor for taking such a strong stand to end sexual assault on college campuses, which more than 750 people signed.

Governor Cuomo reached out via Twitter to thank Safe Horizon for our ongoing support of this campaign and highlights Ariel Zwang’s article:

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