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VOCA Fix Act: Protect Funding for Victim Services


The VOCA Fix to Sustain the Crime Victims Fund Act of 2021, or VOCA Fix Act, would help ensure funding to thousands of victim service providers across the country including Safe Horizon.

How the VOCA Fix Act Would Save Funding

The Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Ronald Reagan in 1984 to provide federal support to state and local programs that assist victims of crime. VOCA established the Crime Victims Fund (CVF) which is a core source of funding for Safe Horizon and thousands of other victim service providers. The CVF is supported through penalties and fines on federal prosecutions, and donations, NOT taxpayer money. Deposits into the CVF have decreased dramatically over the last several years. The VOCA Fix Act is a bipartisan solution that would increase deposits into the CVF and continue funding for services that support millions of survivors each year.

Details of the VOCA Fix Act

The VOCA Fix Act:

  • Adds a new source of revenue for the CVF and makes changes to formula grants supported by the fund.
  • Directs revenues collected from deferred prosecution and non-prosecution agreements to be deposited into the Crime Victims Fund. Currently, such revenues are deposited into the general fund of the Treasury.
  • Increases the percentage—from 60% to 75%—of state compensation payments to crime victims in the prior fiscal year used to calculate formula grants for state victim compensation programs.
  • Directs states to waive the matching requirement for recipients of state victim assistance formula grants during and for one year after a pandemic-related national emergency. It also allows states to waive the matching requirement pursuant to a policy established by the state.

Urge the Senate to Pass the VOCA Fix to Sustain the Crime Victims Fund Act

The House overwhelmingly passed this bill in March 2021 with bipartisan support. Now, the Senate must take up a vote. The bill has significant support in the Senate.

Here’s how you can act and help us get this critical bill over the finish line: 

Call Your Senators Today

Call your Senators and urge them to: 

  • Support the plan to bring S. 611 (“VOCA Fix”) to the floor for a vote before the August recess. 
  • Vote “NO” on the Toomey amendment. 
  • And Vote “YES” on the VOCA Fix bill.

    Tweet about #VOCAFix, below are some sample tweets you can use:

    @SenSchumer Don’t leave for recess and leave crime victims behind! Bring the House-passed #VOCAFix to the Floor with no amendments. There’s a #Crisis4Victims.  

     .@SenGillibrand Please ask @SenSchumer to bring the House-passed #VOCAFix to the Floor. Support a clean bill that will help solve the #Crisis4Victims.  

     .@SenGillibrand With each day that passes, millions of dollars are left on the table that could help solve the #Crisis4Victims. Don’t let services disappear as advocates are laid off. Pass the House-passed #VOCAFix with no amendments!  

     .@SenSchumer over 1,710 advocates have asked for the #VOCAFix as is. Thank you for sponsoring this legislation. Please bring the House-passed bill to the Floor immediately for a vote.

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