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Noah held a toy car in each hand as his mother pushed his stroller into their Safe Horizon domestic violence shelter for the first time.

Noah carried his favorite toy cars as he entered one of Safe Horizon’s domestic violence shelters. His mom, Fatimah, had made sure he had them when she quickly gathered their things to escape abuse. These little red cars helped Noah get used to living in a new place.

When they came to Safe Horizon, Fatimah knew what she needed for them both: a safe place to stay, school for Noah, job training, and the space and support to focus on her physical and mental health. She found all of it at Safe Horizon.

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Our Impact

1 in 33 New Yorkers find safety and hope through Safe Horizon each year. Our community of advocates and donors is working to destigmatize abuse, raise awareness, and invest in social and racial justice.

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