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Loida and her partner Norman fled a labor trafficking situation. When they came to Safe Horizon they had a black duffle bag, eyeglasses, a magnifying glass, expired passports, a newspaper article about their experience, and a pair of nail clippers that had belonged to Loida’s mother, the only thing Loida had from her family and her homeland.

Loida, and her husband Norman, were promised well-paying jobs in the U.S. Eager to support their families, they traveled to Florida from the Philippines. Instead of starting the jobs they were offered, they were forced into unpaid, physical labor at a hotel. They worked long days with little food or water. They were charged rent, and when they couldn’t pay, they stayed in a storage locker. 

One of the few possessions Loida carried from the Philippines was a pair of nail clippers her mother had given her. She often reminded Loida to take care of herself and to Loida, the nail clippers represented her mother’s caretaking. While trapped in Florida, Loida’s mother passed away. Now the nail clippers are all she has to remember her by. 

Loida and Norman found help at our Anti-Trafficking Program (ATP). There, they were able to obtain medical assistance and legal documentation for work permits and housing. 

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Our Impact

1 in 33 New Yorkers find safety and hope through Safe Horizon each year. Our community of advocates and donors is working to destigmatize abuse, raise awareness, and invest in social and racial justice.

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