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CEO Ariel Zwang: Safe Horizon Supports Protesting Injustice

June 5, 2020

This week, every one of us has felt the pressing need to lean into our anti-racism work.   

We are looking for ways to say loudly and clearly that the police killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Manuel Ellis and the countless human beings before them are intolerable and that there must be accountability for them.   

Many colleagues are participating in the ongoing protests in New York City and surrounding areas, and Safe Horizon supports you. (For those interested, the Instagram account @justiceforgeorgenyc is posting dates and times of protests and other important information.)  

Safe Horizon employees are always encouraged to exercise First Amendment rights to speak and participate in advocacy and action on issues they care about. That is true here, too.  

Some have asked if they can organize groups of their colleagues to join protests wearing Safe Horizon T-shirts to protest.   

The answer to that question is yes.   

Additionally, any group of Safe Horizon colleagues joining a protest or march should:  

  • Know your rights before you go.  
  • Make sure participation is peaceful.  
  • Adhere to curfew rules while protesting as a group affiliated with Safe Horizon.  
  • Review the code of conduct in advance and follow it. Contact HR with any questions about the guidelines.   

Some people who have been peacefully protesting have been arrested. This could happen to Safe Horizon employees. (Here are some general tips on what anyone can do if that happens. And some information about free legal support.)   

A Safe Horizon colleague who is arrested for one of the allegations outlined in the code of conduct should notify their supervisor or HR partner. That policy still applies.  

But please know that no Safe Horizon employee who is arrested while peacefully protesting will be disciplined in any way by Safe Horizon.  

I am proud of the many colleagues who are finding ways to advocate for racial justice at this moment. I look forward to continuing our anti-racism journey together.  

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