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Justice for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

New York State has some of the nation’s most prohibitive statute of limitation laws when it comes to supporting adult survivors of child sexual abuse. Most survivors only have until the age of 23 to hold those responsible accountable in a court of law.

Because many survivors aren’t ready or able to disclose their abuse until much later in life, the current statute of limitation denies their ability to pursue justice in our courts and allows abusers to “run out the clock” on accountability.

Seven other states have created “windows” to allow adult survivors of child sexual assault to seek retrospective civil damages. New York continues to rank amongst the worst states in the country when it comes to affording opportunity for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to bring criminal charges or seek civil damages.

Don’t let abusers simply run out the clock! Help create avenues to justice for survivors of childhood sexual abuse and sign our pledge for statute of limitation reform now:


I believe that survivors of child sexual abuse should be afforded the opportunity to pursue justice in our courts, and that abusers should not be able to simply run out the clock on being held responsible for their actions.

By signing this pledge and opting in to receive emails, you not only show your support, but will be kept informed of how you can help ensure all victims are able to get help.