Susan's Story: Survivor of Stalking

For months, *Susan felt a presence following her wherever she went; she was being stalked by somone she had never even met.

She called the Safe Horizon Crime Victims Hotline after finding the number in the yellow pages under victim assistance. Due to the complexity of the case, the hotline worker requested technical assistance from Safe Horizon''s Anti-Stalking Coordinator, Ali. Ali provided Susan with the information she needed to protect herself and manage her situation -- background reading on stalking as a crime, details on orders of protection, specifics regarding the New York State Anti-Stalking Laws, and the location of a Safe Horizon community office where she could go for personal counseling if she needed it.

Ali assured the client that if she discovered the name of the perpetrator and wanted to pursue an order of protection, Safe Horizon could help her with the process. The woman repeatedly expressed her gratitude. For months she had been too intimidated to come out of her apartment and did not know where to go to get assistance. With counseling and guidance from Safe Horizon, she felt confident in her ability to take action and gain control.

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* Client names and identifying information have been changed to protect their privacy. Images used are representations of Safe Horizon’s clients.

Safe Horizon's mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.
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