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Safe Horizon helps more than 250,000 children, adults, and families each year get the tools and support they need to overcome violence and abuse in their lives. Yet who are the people we help?

You can read about our clients here, and learn how with the support of individuals and our community and corporate partners, we help move victims of violence and abuse from crisis to confidence.

Child Abuse 

Angelica's Story

Anthony's Story

Claudette's Story

Liam’s Story

Lisa's Story

Michelle's Story

Sandra and Dave's Story

Sherry and Cathy's Story

Wendy's Story

From Sierra Leone to Staten Island


Child Abuse: Adult Survivors

José Raúl Pérez, Raising His Voice

Kathy's Story


Crime Victims

Suzanne's Story: Escaping Crime


Domestic Violence and Abuse 

Adrina's Story: A Chance to Escape 

Alice's Story: A Living Nightmare

Felicia's Story: Escape

Franklin's Story: After Domestic Abuse

Heather's Story: Survival Against All Odds

Janine's Story: Safe Valentine's Day

Karen's Story: Survivor of Domestic Violence

Isaac's Story: Not the Typical Victim 

Isabella's Story: A Shining Example of Hope 

Lauren's Story: Survivor of Domestic Violence

Maria's Story: Survivor of Domestic Violence

Mariah's Story: In Her Own Words 

Michael's Story: When a Child Witnesses Domestic Violence

Nadine's Story: No More

Natalie's Story: Saving Children

Peggy's Story: Being Free Again

Priscilla's Story: Survivor of Domestic Violence

Raine and Mason's Escape from Violence 

Shelly's Story: Ending the Cycle of Abuse 

Sil Lai's Story: Giving Victims a Voice

Ursula's Story of Hope After Domestic Violence

Veronica's Story: Finding the Courage to Walk Away  


Homeless Youth

Brandon's Story: Surviving Abuse

Granger's Story: Surviving Homelessness

Kelly's Story: A Home Away from Home

Marcy's Story: Making It Better

Robert's Story: Keeping Dreams Alive

Serena's Story: How Streetwork Helps


Human Trafficking

Angela's Story: Survivor of Human Trafficking

Esperanza's Story: Hope and Help

Hakim's Story: Child Survivor

Kamela's Story: 10 Years

Lucy's Story: The Gift of Reunion

Saida's Story: Free Again

Therese's Story: Celebrating Independence


Rape, Sexual Assault, and Stalking

Jennifer's Story: Surviving Rape

Susan's Story:, Survivor of Stalking

Tanya's Story: Second-Time Survivor


Trauma from Violence and Abuse

Andy's Story: Child Witness to Violence

David's Story: Child Witness to Domestic Violence

Safe Horizon's mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.
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