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Readers Sound Off on Murdered Teens

Readers Sound Off on Murdered Teens

NY Daily News
January 7, 2018

Manhattan: Thank you for capturing the humanity of young men of color in your Jan. 3 article, “Pattern of tragedy.” So often black and Latino men either are just seen as perpetrators of crime, or are even blamed for their own deaths. Society fails to understand the impact of violence on boys and young men of color. Their pain and hurt is often overlooked, devalued and unaddressed.

This dangerous narrative can prevent young men of color from reaching out for help, or even being offered the support they need. Safe Horizon, the largest victim services agency in the country, where I am chief program officer, offers experts who support survivors of violence. We know that immediate, skilled intervention can greatly reduce the long-term effects of traumatic events. The reality is that, although more likely than other groups to experience violence, boys and young men of color rarely receive this kind of support.

It’s time to change the narrative. Boys and young men of color can be harmed by violence and they deserve support.

– Lisa A. O’Connor

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