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Living Viacommunity Samantha Cucolo Steps In After the News Cycle Has Stepped Past

Living Viacommunity: Samantha Cucolo Steps In After the News Cycle Has Stepped Past

By Stuart Winchester
April 11, 2016

Excerpt Below:

They’re not always in the news. Or at least, they’re not anymore.

There are the women drifting out of abusive relationships, uncertain where to go or who to speak with, how to get a job or even what a workplace looks like.

This is where Samantha Cucolo steps in. As counsel for Viacom’s Kids & Family Business and Legal Affairs, she applies her legal training and business experience to help the helpless. “To be able to use the skills we all have here, a lot of people need those skills, so it’s great to be able to go out and do that, ” Samantha says. “I love working with women and children, but especially groups that don’t normally get help. Not everyone gets fair legal representation or can come into a place like this and see how we all work.

A Viacommunity event done last year in conjunction with the HERE employee resource group underscored this point: Samantha sat down with a woman brought in by Safe Horizon, the largest nonprofit victim services agency in the United States. Her personal story was rough and moving. The workplace intimidated her. Samantha listened. She gave her tips on building her resume and interviewing.

The interaction didn’t end that day – the woman sent letters afterward thanking Samantha and her colleagues, detailing how her experience at Viacom had helped her build the confidence she would need to re-enter the workplace. Inspired by this experience, Viacommunity and Viacom’s employee resource group for women followed up with clothing drives to collect business wear for abused women to interview in.

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