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Johnny Depp Dior Ads Spark Outrage Among Some New Yorkers Amid Amber Heard Abuse Allegations

Johnny Depp’s Dior ads spark outrage among some New Yorkers amid Amber Heard’s abuse allegations

New York Daily News
By Peter Sblendorio
June 8, 2016

Excerpt Below:

It’s Depp-lorable.

Johnny Depp’s Dior advertisements remain in the streets two weeks after the actor’s wife Amber Heard came forward with gut-wrenching domestic abuse allegations. And while people continue to choose sides, some are outraged that Dior is keeping Depp as the face of its campaign.

It’s unclear if or when the corporation plans to pull the ad in light of Heard’s claims. Multiple calls and emails from the Daily News were not returned by Dior.

Experts say keeping Depp in the ad only makes it worse for victims of domestic violence, who may be reminded of their own painful experiences every time they see it. “Because of the allegations that are out there against him, (the ad) may be a trigger to domestic violence survivors, ” says Director of Public Relations at Safe Horizon, Brian Pacheco.

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