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Celebrities Are Painting A Fingernail Purple To Support A Harrowing Cause. Here's Why You Should, Too.

By Lindsay Geller
September22, 2016

Excerpt Below:

Many celebrities, from Grammy award-winning singers to Miss America, already have as part of the #PutTheNailInIt campaign from Safe Horizon and they hope you will, too. By donating to Safe Horizon, painting their ring fingernail purple, and then sharing a picture of themselves and their nail with the hashtag #PutTheNailInIt on social media, these influential people have taken a public vow to end domestic violence.

Because domestic violence harms one in four women and one in seven men in their lifetime, and over three million children witness this violence in their homes every year, the campaign wants people of all genders, ages, and races to take the vow to end it. Domestic violence is an epidemic, but it is often an all too silent one. The majority of Americans (60 percent) know a victim of domestic violence, but that same majority (67 percent) have never had a conversation about domestic violence with their friends. Perhaps even more upsetting, three out of four parents have never talked to their children about domestic violence.

With the #PutTheNailInIt campaign, Safe Horizon hopes to spark a national conversation about domestic violence to show current victims and survivors they’re not alone and that Safe Horizon provides just that — a safe space. “Domestic violence has no place in our society. We shouldn’t have to wait until there is a famous case in the news or a fatal incident to let victims know there is support available, ” said Safe Horizon CEO Ariel Zwang in a press release.

Adding your voice — no matter how many people hear it — to the conversation about domestic violence is a crucial step to ending it.

But they can’t do it alone. That’s why they’ve recruited some amazing celebrities to spread the message that domestic violence ends with us.

[D]omestic violence thrives in silence, ” Rachel Goldsmith, Safe Horizon’s assistant vice president of violence shelters told A Plus via email. “But a lot of people sometimes do nothing at all because they don’t know what they can do to help… Even if one victim or survivor sees your left ring fingernail painted purple, that lets them know they have support from at least one person.” She believes one small statement can, in fact, make a huge difference.

So donate, paint your nail, or engage with #PutTheNailinIt on social media, ” she added. “Anyone can take this important vow to end domestic violence.

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