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Authorities Take New Approach To Cracking Stalking Cases

Authorities Take New Approach To Cracking Stalking Cases_Tuesday Muller Mondij

Excerpt Below:

Imagine feeling like danger lurked around every corner, even right outside your door.

That’s how stalking victims are forced to face their lives every day.

It stopped my life dead in its tracks, and it stopped it for a very long time,” victim James said.

“I describe it as being held under water. You’re screaming and no one can hear you,” another victim Lenora Clair said.

These are just two stories — two of the seven million reported victims last year.

Both victims said they felt helpless, even when they went to the police. That, however, is now changing.

Rather than a bunch of reports sitting in a filing cabinet somewhere, now they’re being grouped together and a charge is born,” Tuesday Muller-Mondi, of the Staten Island district attorney’s office, said.

It’s part of a new initiative intended to help stalking victims called CAPS, or a “coordinated approach to prevent stalking.”

When it becomes a repeated course of conduct, a crime is established,” she said.

Muller-Mondi said it’s working.

The Staten Island district attorney’s office is working along with the NYPD and Safe Horizon on the CAPS program.

Neither James nor Clair’s stalkers are currently in custody. Both said there have been no recent incidents.

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