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Safe Horizon Responds to Bill Cosby's Sentencing

Safe Horizon Responds to Bill Cosby's Sentencing

September 26, 2018

Yesterday, Bill Cosby was sentenced to 3-10 years for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand.

We know that justice looks different for every survivor. Some may feel that this sentence is not enough, some feel justice has finally been served, and some are raising flags about the race implications in this case.

Throughout this country’s history, there have been profound racial disparities in the response to sexual violence. Black and brown victims face additional barriers to being believed. Powerful white men have often been protected by our systems, whereas black and brown men are more likely to be incarcerated. This is systemic racism at work, and it causes immeasurable harm.

At Safe Horizon, we are fighting for a world where sexual violence is neither ignored nor tolerated, where power and privilege based on race, gender, or position does not protect those who have caused harm from the consequences of their actions, and where the voices of ALL survivors are honored.

In this case, we believe Cosby must be held accountable for the harm he caused Constand. In her own words, she paints a vivid picture of how devastating sexual assault can be. This is why it’s so imperative that all allegations of sexual violence be taken seriously, whether the accused is a prominent media figure, a supreme court nominee, a corporate executive, or none of those things.