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Volunteer Opportunities at Safe Horizon

Volunteer Details
Position:Volunteer with Streetwork Overnight Shelter to Create Weekend Activities
Type:VOL Volunteer
Reports To:
Location:Streetwork Overnight Shelter - Amsterdam Ave. above 125th St.
Description:Streetwork Overnight Shelter Creating Weekend Activities

The program philosophy of Safe Horizon’s homeless youth programming, Streetwork, is as follows: We are committed to reaching out to the homeless and disenfranchised youth of New York City, offering them respite from hunger, cold, loneliness and fear, and the opportunity to reclaim for themselves a sense of dignity and self-worth.
Our goal is to extend ourselves to these young people through our presence on the streets, through the services we provide, and through the love we are willing to express. With every bag lunch, medical appointment, referral, condom, and group we offer, we communicate to our clients our concern for their lives and our belief in their potential.
Our mission is to act as a catalyst for their self-empowerment. As we tell them, they may be on the streets but they are not of the streets and someday they can get off the streets.

The Streetwork Overnight Shelter has been providing housing to homeless and street-involved youth for over ten years. The 24-bed co-ed shelter provides emergency, low-threshold housing for 30-60 days in a safe and supportive environment to youth ages 17 to 21. Streetwork Overnight Staff establish and maintain a loving, warm and friendly environment where they work very hard to make youth feel as if they are in a home and not a shelter.

Unlike many other housing providers for homeless youth, Streetwork Overnight maintains a low-threshold approach to service provision, so that young people who have had difficulty accessing services at other, more restrictive shelters can successfully engage in the program over the long term. The shelter’s emphasis on working with these youth helps to ensure that they do not “fall through the cracks.”

We are hoping to create weekend activities for our youth. Please let us know if you would be interested in volunteering your time to help with any of the following. Schedules to be determined!

Kitchen Table
Remember when you were young and gathered at the kitchen table to work on homework? It was a place for the family to gather, to share ideas and collaborate. We are working to create that same kind of safe, welcoming space for clients to work on homework or work on resumes. Got input on how to land an interview? How to solve a math problem? How to word an essay? We would love to have your help! Books, notebooks, resume paper to be donated also appreciated!

Fun, Funky, Fresh Fashionistas
Our clients have style! They love to create and make a unique image of their very own. Growing up, we all strive to create our own identity and dressing in a fun, funky, and fresh way helps us explore our own selves. In this group, we will decorate, accessorize and add some bling to our clothing. Come and teach us, come and learn from us! No sewing skills necessary! Sewing, fabric, ribbons and fabric accessory donations also welcome!

The Art Shop
Creating art together has a multitude of positive effects, from building community, to gaining insight to one’s one self and the experience of others, art is very powerful! Clients relish the opportunity to express themselves in a creative way. Come and create with us! Ideas are welcome! If you are nervous, we have plenty of ideas, we just need some extra hands to help us create. Donations of any and all art supplies also appreciated!

Writing Workshop/Poetry
Often a way to express things that cannot be spoken is through the written word, either through a story or through poetry. Our clients love to write, write and write more. Come and write with us. Books, journals and pens to be donated also appreciated.

Smoothie Group
Fruits and Vegetables can be hard to come by in a fast paced, chaotic existence. Our smoothie group allows clients a chance to learn about nutrition, understand health and wellness and create a special treat they get to eat! Want to share some healthy tips while having fun? Donations of blenders, fruit and yogurt also appreciated!

Yoga Group
Yoga Group is a relaxing hour of meditation, yoga, stillness, gentle movement and healing. Yoga provides an opportunity for our young people to relax, remove themselves from the stress of everyday, chaotic life and take a deep breath. Our clients rave about the positive benefits of yoga. Donations of yoga mats also appreciated!

Other ideas???? Please let us know!
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