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Career Opportunities at Safe Horizon

Career Details
Position:Housing Coordinator - Streetwork
Type:EMP Employee
Reports To:Director, Supervising Social Worker
Location:Upper Manhattan
Description:Streetwork Project is an innovative outreach-counseling program for homeless youth in Manhattan, which utilizes a harm reduction approach. Services include counseling, case management, peer education and outreach, drop-in center, support groups, syringe exchange, mental health services, legal and medical care. Sexual Health Education is a core component of our work. This includes an array of HIV prevention interventions, HIV rapid screening, Sexual Health Counseling & Groups, Wellness Groups and harm reduction health education services.

The Housing Coordinator is an integral part of the Housing and Benefits component of Streetwork Project drop-in centers. Housing Coordinator will work closely with the Senior Counselor of Housing and Benefits to provide clients with essential life-stabilizing benefits, such as supportive housing, SSI and public assistance. Conducts client assessments and provides client-centered services to ensure that the client's needs are addressed, the client is kept informed, with an end goal of representing the client's interests and advocate for their needs.
Responsibilities:•Complete HRA2010E (supportive housing) applications
•Complete public housing (NYCHA) assessments and applications
•Prepare psychosocial reports for supportive housing
•Collect all records related to HRA supportive housing applications and other housing processes
•Advocate for clients with HRA to facilitate housing applications and housing placements using independent judgment and decision making abilities
•Build relationships with supportive housing providers to facilitate housing placement
•Collect all records required for NYCHA domestic violence priority cases
•Provide supportive counseling to target population in relation to housing cases
•Provide in-house individual crisis intervention and emergency assessments
•Coordinate all referrals for psychiatric evaluations and housing assistance for clients with housing cases
•Work in collaboration with Senior Counselor of Housing and Benefits, case managers and consulting psychiatrist to assist clients in applying for housing
•Perform client escorts to housing interviews and other appointments as needed
•Establish linkages with external mental health providers and resources
•Support drop-in daily flow as needed
•Provide intakes as needed
•Participate in weekly supervision

Secondary Job Functions:

•Participate at staff trainings, staff meetings, and staff group process workshops;

Supervisory Reports: None

Interacts with: All Streetwork Staff
Qualifications:Required skills:

•Understanding of issues confronting population
•Compassionate non-judgmental style


•Bachelors degree
•Three (3) years experience providing services to at-risk youth required and/or at least 1 year with Streetwork providing direct service
•One (1) year experience working with homeless individuals to access available housing options
•Knowledge of NYC subsidized housing options and application processes
•Ability to write concise and accurate assessments with grammatical accuracy
•Bilingual (Spanish/English) preferred
•Experience with youth and/or homeless population,
•Experience utilizing harm reduction philosophy preferred


•Hours may vary based on client need.

All prospective job candidates must meet screening requirements, which includes a background check, finger printing and State Central Registry clearance. If you do not wish to enter your Social Security number at this time, select NO in the "Release Authorization¨ section. Selecting NO will not adversely affect your employment application.
Education:Bachelor's Degree
Salary:$33,825 - $$38,053
Hours:Not Applicable
Days: N/A
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