Hotline Phone Numbers

Domestic Violence Hotline:
800.621.HOPE (4673)

Crime Victims Hotline:
866.689.HELP (4357)

Rape & Sexual Assault Hotline:

TDD phone number for all hotlines:

Career Opportunities at Safe Horizon

Career Details
Position:Senior Client Advocate Specialist, Hotline
Type:EMP Employee
Reports To:Team Leader
Description:The Senior Client Advocate Specialist (SCAS) at the Hotlines is responsible for answering the Hotlines telephone calls to assist victims of domestic violence. Callers/clients seek assistance in dealing with a wide variety of presenting problems, including relationship problems, domestic violence, grief, depression, anxiety, child abuse, chemical dependency, thoughts of suicide, concerns about sexuality, etc. The SCAS often assist callers/clients by providing appropriate information and referrals to other resources and services. The SCAS must complete accurate written records of all contacts in accordance with the agency’s policies and procedures. The SCAS must have an understanding of client confidentiality and agree to follow agency policies regarding clients' rights.
Responsibilities:Essential Job Functions:

•Establish rapport with caller/client and assess whether he/she is safe to have the conversation, and whether it is a crisis/distress/emergency situation.
•Identify warning signs and risks of suicide, homicide, and/or child abuse or neglect
•De-escalate caller/client and takes steps to immediately address safety issue through risk management planning process (i.e., includes information , referral, and practical assistance) tied to the caller/client’s situation
•Address mandated reporting issues through appropriate documentation
•Assess the caller/client’s needs and address his/her needs through information and referral
•Screen caller/client for shelter eligibility and possibility of obtaining shelter within 12-24 hours; complete shelter assessment documentation, coach client/caller on shelter process
•Link client in Shelter Occupancy and Referral System (SORTS) to appropriate shelter space, and advocate on client’s behalf with identified shelter
•Ensures integrity of CMS data across all programs for quality assurance
•Conduct monthly safety inspections of the site in accordance to the Site Inspection Survey form provided in the site safety manual
•Ensure all site staff receives training on: preventing accidents through good housekeeping, accident reporting and investigations, identifying hazardous conditions, and how to evacuate if necessary
•Assists in providing knowledge and skills training on CMS, SORTS, telephone and ACD systems for Client Advocate Specialist new hires and existing staff
•Performs other duties as assigned

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

•Familiar with facts, research and principles related to women, girls and behavioral health
•Familiar with trauma and intimate partner violence and the affects on the prevention, treatment and recovery processes for victims
•Recognize the social, economic, familial and cultural contexts that affect victim’s lives
•Ability to apply motivational interviewing skills
•Ability to minimize situations which could trigger trauma responses
•Ability to determine the seriousness of an emergency and knowing when to notify appropriate authority, as necessary
•Requires judgment and action in life-threatening situations
•Analytical skills, including proficiency in MS Excel, Word, Outlook; proficiency in report builder software a plus
•Respect and empathy for victims with a genuine desire and willingness to help people in need
•Recognition and belief in the empowerment of women
•Sensitivity to gender-related issues and/or cultural background of clients
•Openness to change
•Commitment to maintaining high levels of skills and performance
•Ability to maintain confidentiality
•Ability to speak clearly and to be easily understood over the telephone
High School diploma or possession of a GED certificate


2 years of public contact experience dealing with individual problems and applying policies, procedures, and/or guidelines. Telephone counseling experience desirable.

All prospective job candidates must meet screening requirements, which includes a background check. If you do not wish to enter your Social Security number at this time, select NO in the “Release Authorization” section.

Selecting NO will not adversely affect your employment application.

If hired, I agree to abide by all of Safe Horizon’s rules and regulations, and understand that, if employed, my employment may be terminated with or without cause, and with or without notice, at any time, at the option of either the company or me. I further understand that no representation, whether oral or written by any representative or agent of the organization, at any time, constitutes a contract of employment
Education:High School Degree / G.E.D.
Salary:$28,922 - $32,615
Hours:Not Applicable
Days: N/A
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