Team Horizon Project Ideas

The best projects are the ones you create, using your unique gifts and talents. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

  • Special Occasion: Donate your birthday or special occasion to Safe Horizon. Invite your family and friends to give to Safe Horizon on your behalf.

  • Fitness Events: Host a Fitness Class (Yoga, Pushup challenge, Zumba) and donate the class fees.

  • Horizon Hour : Host "drinks for a cause" at your local watering hole. Create a Safe Horizon drink.

  • Art Events: Whether it's a play, film screening, or gallery show; donate the proceeds from your event or ticket sales.

  • Fashion Show: Host a fashion or trunk show with the proceeds benefitting Safe Horizon.

  • Men Against Violence: Host a moustache competition party. Donate the proceeds to Safe Horizon.

  • All Greek Challenge: A donation challenge for the most giving Fraternity or Sorority.

  • Walk, Run, Ride, Swim for Safe Horizon: Whether it's the NYC Marathon or a 5K, be a fundracer for any athletic activity which you are a participant.

  • Safe Horizon Tournament: bowling, golf, basketball, kickball, etc. – whatever sport resonates with you. Teams pay to compete. Added donations could be raised by spectators and/or club (for example, "For every basket $20 goes to Safe Horizon").

  • School your school: Raise awareness of the work of Safe Horizon with bake sales, Pajama (no uniform) Day, Wear Orange Day and donate the proceeds to Safe Horizon.

  • Change for Change: Collect change in your classroom/ homeroom and donate the proceeds to Safe Horizon.
Safe Horizon's mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.
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