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Team Horizon Guide

  • Set a campaign goal: Start small but don't be afraid to dream large.

  • How will you raise funds: Identify how you will fundraise; the more creative the better for greater impact.

  • Tell your story: Why Safe Horizon? Why now? How can you help?

  • Ask for what you need: Ask for what you need simply and specifically. Remember every donation counts in the lives of our clients.

  • Tap your network: Don't be afraid to ask your family, friends and colleagues to support you.

  • Think Local: Ask your local community businesses to donate to your project.

  • Create a Deadline: We will work with you to create a timeline and deadline for your Project.

  • Outreach and Promotion: Who will you reach out to and how? Will you use Facebook? Twitter? Tumblr? Direct calls or letters?

  • Say Thank you: Don't forget to thank your supporters!

By joining Team Horizon you are doing extraordinary things in the lives of the clients that Safe Horizon serves!

Safe Horizon's mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.
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