Streetwork's Harlem Wellness Center

Need Help? Call Our Free Anonymous Teen & Youth Homelessness Hotline: 800.708.6600


Streetwork's Sexual Health and Wellness center provides a variety of services, including acupuncture, acupressure, mediation groups, and even haircuts.

We empower our clients by encouraging them to embrace who they are. It’s all about truly, truly reaching another individual and meeting them where they are without judgment, without anything except wanting to see them whole.

If you or a young person you know is on the streets and needs help, please call Streetwork at 800.708.6600 or stop by one of our drop-in centers.

Streetwork depends on the support of caring individuals and corporations. Learn how to get involved. Click here.

Streetwork Overview

Harlem Welcome Center
Harlem Center
Streetwork Kitchen
Streetwork Main Lounge
Main Lounge
Streetwork Laundry & Showers
Showers & Laundry
Streetwork Music Room
Music Room
Streetwork Art Center
Art Center
Streetwork Counseling Room
Counseling Room
Streetwork Computer Room
Computer Room
Streetwork Peer Education
Peer Education
Streetwork Wellness Center
Wellness Center
Streetwork Get Involved
Get Involved
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