Streetwork's Harlem Center: Kitchen

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Streetwork Drop In Center Kitchen

Most homeless young people walk through the doors of Streetwork’s Harlem drop-in center and head straight for the kitchen, and there are many good reasons why!

At the Harlem homeless youth drop-in center, breakfast and lunches are served six days a week, and anyone can take food to go.

Streetwork’s expansive kitchen opens up to the loft-like lounge where clients gather.

Streetwork Drop In Center Kitchen

Streetwork Project serves more than 65,000 meals each year. 

Up to 60% of these young adults come from homes disintegrated by drugs, AIDS, severe poverty, violence and neglect. To them, a home-cooked meal means a lot.

But keeping the pantry stocked is a concern. Given the challenging economy, rising food prices and shrinking public funds, now more than ever Streetwork is dependent on individuals like you to help fill the gap.

Find out how you can help keep Streetwork pantry stocked.

Next stop: Streetwork's Main Lounge.

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Harlem Center
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Main Lounge
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Showers & Laundry
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Music Room
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Art Center
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Counseling Room
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Computer Room
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Peer Education
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Wellness Center
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