Streetwork's Harlem Center: Counseling Center

Need Help? Call Our Free Anonymous Teen & Youth Homelessness Hotline: 800.708.6600

Streetwork Counseling Room

Nestled in a quiet wing of the spacious Streetwork center, multiple counseling rooms provide positive, private spaces where the staff can help homeless young people in one-on-one sessions.

Every youth who is interested in receiving counseling is paired with a Case Manager.

Case Managers work with homeless youth as well as youth who are at risk of becoming homeless.

While our drop-in center offers a safe, daily respite, our emergency shelter program is a way to get homeless youth off of the streets as soon as possible.

Streetwork’s overnight residence is located in a separate, confidential location further uptown. It is a refuge for young people who are hard to place in other residential programs.

A survey of our clients found that 47% had a history of sexual abuse, 54% had lived in a group home, and 60% had experienced violence and abuse in their homes before fleeing to the streets.

For these young people, Streetwork’s overnight facility offers a true safe haven. Unfortunately, only 36 beds are available each night to serve hundreds of clients. Our goal is to secure funding to open new, much-needed emergency housing programs. If you’re interested in supporting our homeless overnight residence program, please donate.

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