Streetwork's Harlem Center: Computer Room

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Streetwork Computer Room

Many of the homeless young people coming to Streetwork’s drop-in center have little access to information many of us may take for granted, such as use of the internet. Having access to the computer room in Streetwork’s main lounge keeps these young people connected to those they can trust, inside and outside of Streetwork.

The computer room also provides a social activity where the clients can be active in an internet age. It opens the door up for networking -- for jobs, for housing, for education and more - whenever our clients are ready.

Next to the computer room hangs a bulletin board where staff and clients themselves post new opportunities for the youth. On this board, we list resources available in the community, everything from where to get a haircut, to free voicemail, to GED Programs.

Encouraging youth to make connections between their daily lives, their interests and their futures is what the Streetwork staff strives to accomplish.

Next stop: Peer Education Room.

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