Isabella's Story: A Shining Example of Hope

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A divorced mother of two, Isabella was swept off her feet when a new man entered her life. Their whirlwind romance almost seemed too good to be true--and, unfortunately, she would soon come to realize that it was.

The abuse began gradually, beginning with apparently innocent questions about Isabella's schedule. But harmless inquiries quickly progressed into baseless accusations that Isabella was cheating. Her new partner's extreme jealousy and need for control escalated beyond these frightening interrogations when he began to stalk her, even following her to work on a regular basis. And his suspicions rapidly became an excuse for verbal and physical abuse.

Isabella's circumstances grew more desperate when they were evicted from their apartment and forced to move to a homeless shelter. This unfortunate turn of events only worsened her abuser's violence. During a particularly terrifying incident, Isabella attempted to use her phone to call her adult daughter while her abuser hit her in the face repeatedly. But he grabbed her phone and smashed it on the ground.

Scared yet unwilling to suffer the abuse any longer, Isabella called Safe Horizon's 24-hour hotline for domestic violence victims. She shared her story with trained Safe Horizon staff, who referred her to one of Safe Horizon’s nine domestic violence shelters.

Finally free from the cycle of abuse, Isabella began to flourish. With the assistance and encouragement of a dedicated Safe Horizon case manager, Isabella pursued all available resources to heal and move towards independence. Isabella demonstrated great initiative, actively seeking out employment opportunities that would set her on the path to financial self-sufficiency. She attended job fairs and sent out resumes. She also submitted numerous housing applications in order to find a more permanent living situation.

Her hard work paid off. After her case manager referred her to the FEDCAP program, Isabella was able to secure a supervisor position that offered economic stability. She then received the good news that she had qualified for an affordable housing program, where she now resides with her two children. Her daughter is enrolled in college and works full time, and her school-aged son is thriving.

Through her own effort and determination--and with compassionate, expert support from Safe Horizon--Isabella was able to triumph. She continues to take great strides towards achieving her goal of creating a better life for herself and her children. Isabella is a shining example of how Safe Horizon empowers victims to move from crisis to confidence.

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* Client names and identifying information have been changed to protect their privacy. Images used are representations of Safe Horizon’s clients.

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