Domestic Violence and Corporations

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Corporate Safety and Security Risk

  • 78% of human resources professionals consider domestic violence a critical workplace issue. [9]
  • 94% of corporate security directors consider domestic violence a critical workplace issue. [9]
  • The second leading cause of death for women on the job is homicide, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries system data for calendar year 2003.

Financial Impact

  • Domestic violence costs U.S. businesses nearly $6 billion each year in aggregate costs, including more than $4.1 billion in direct medical and mental health services and $1.8 billion in productivity losses. [3]
  • Domestic violence costs employers 8 million lost paid work days per year. [8]

Corporate Liability

  • Employers may be held liable for accidents caused by violence in the workplace.
  • Workplace violence cases may not be covered by worker's compensation statutes and employers may be required to provide relief.
  • Many states now provide for specific employment protections for victims of domestic violence.

Incidence of Domestic Violence

  • 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. [4]
  • 46% of the U.S. workforce is comprised of women. [5]
  • 1 in 5 employed adults are victims of domestic violence. [6]
  • Every day in the United States, more than three women are killed by their husbands or boyfriends. [7]

Impact on the Workplace

  • 64% of domestic violence victims say their ability to work is affected by the violence. [6]
  • 68% of employees of Fortune 1500 companies say that domestic violence has had a harmful effect on the physical safety of employees. [8]
  • 80% of employees of Fortune 1500 companies witness the negative impact that domestic violence has on employee productivity. [8]

What Employees Believe Their Companies Should Do

  • 71% say their company should be doing more to address domestic violence in the workplace. [8]
  • 82% think companies can make a difference by addressing this issue. [8]
  • 91% think company representatives should be trained in recognizing warning signs of domestic violence. [8]

Legal Protection for Domestic Violence Victims in the Workplace (NY)

  • New York State Executive Law Section 296 protects domestic violence victims against workplace discrimination.
  • New York City Administrative Code Section 8-107.1 protects domestic violence victims and perceived victims against workplace discrimination.
  • New York State Penal Law Section 215.14 protects against employers penalizing domestic violence victims who have to appear in court to exercise his/her right as a victim or to testify as a witness; provides for time off to do so; and failure to adhere is punishable as a crime.
  • New York State Labor Law Section 593(1)(a) provides for unemployment compensation for domestic violence victims who voluntarily separate from employment because of their victimization.

Legal Protection for Domestic Violence Victims in the Workplace (Outside NY)

The Legal Momentum website offers comprehensive information on state and county laws and legislation regarding the issue of domestic violence in the workplace. Visit Legal Momentum for specific information on your area.

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