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Outstanding Corporate Partners

Safe Horizon is proud to have such generous supporters in the corporate community.  Our corporate partners’ donations of funds or services help us to continue to provide services to those affected by violence and abuse and on their way to safety, comfort, and hope.

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AGT International

Safe Horizon is so grateful for the support of the AGT International Fund. Although they are a new corporate partner, AGT International is already deeply invested in our mission and profoundly committed to the clients we serve. In addition to providing a grant of $150,000 to our Counseling Center to fund the adaptation of Child-Parent Psychotherapy for use in foster care settings, AGT International has also generously filled the emergency clothing closets at our Child Advocacy Centers (CACs), as well as committed to supporting new programs, including Voices of Hope, an Anti-Trafficking Program client group. Currently, AGT International is working with Safe Horizon to develop a new and innovative anti-trafficking initiative at our Brooklyn CAC.

We are so grateful to have such a dedicated partner who is involved in every aspect of Safe Horizon and is invested in the long-term outcomes of our work.

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Avon Foundation for Women 

We are very proud to have the Avon Foundation for Women as an outstanding Safe Horizon partner. Earlier this year, the Foundation generously awarded Safe Horizon $250,000. This grant supports the development and execution of an innovative new collaboration between our Counseling Center and domestic violence shelters. The program, which focuses on reducing trauma in children who have been traumatized by domestic violence, will expand implementation of evidence-based interventions into its nine domestic violence shelters throughout New York City’s five boroughs. With the Avon Foundation for Women’s help, not only will Safe Horizon be able to assist the most vulnerable population of trauma victims in New York City, we will also be able to create a model than can be replicated across the country. 

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Capital One Bank

Capital One Bank is a long-time supporter of Safe Horizon. This year, Capital One Bank continued their commitment with a gift of $300,000. This generous grant has funded five housing specialist positions at our domestic violence shelters. Now residents at Parrish House, Rose House, Lily House, and Queens Oasis will have access to the resources they need to develop safe, long-term housing solutions.

Safe Horizon was thrilled to be selected as a non-profit partner in Capital One Bank’s national volunteer initiative, “One Week.” In just five days, employees from Capital One Bank painted the childcare area at Parrish House and hosted Halloween parties at Parrish House, Lily House, and Lotus House. The Capital One Bank volunteers demonstrated enthusiasm, compassion, and stamina!

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Cooley LLP

Cooley LLP is a hands-on corporate partner whose commitment to Safe Horizon has continued to grow. Over the past year, Cooley has generously awarded Safe Horizon $100,000, including a generous grant of $30,000 to renovate the community area of Rose House, the largest of our domestic violence shelters. Not only has Cooley provided the funding for the project, they have also donated their time, effort, and resources to help get the renovation underway.

Through its employee engagement program, Cooley Cares, Cooley employees have shown a great deal of commitment to Safe Horizon. We thank the people of Cooley for their dedicated volunteerism, their matching gifts, and for hosting internal fundraisers and supply drives.

We are excited to break ground with Cooley this year and look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

New York Life Foundation

New York Life is an outstanding corporate partner to Safe Horizon. The New York Life Foundation has consistently provided crucial support for our homeless youth initiative, Streetwork. With the Foundation’s generous grant of $55,000, we are able to provide our Streetwork clients with services to help them find safety, self-worth, and the skills they need to plan for a successful life off of the streets.

Safe Horizon is so appreciative of the deep commitment of the employees of New York Life. Several times a year employees lead substantial supply drives and volunteerism efforts. Thank you, New York Life!

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PVH Corporation

Safe Horizon is so thankful for our lasting relationship with PVH.  For years, PVH has provided Safe Horizon with comprehensive financial support, extensive employee engagement, and invaluable leadership. From hosting events at many of our program sites, to creating and selling the popular Hope Shining tie, to underwriting our annual Champion gala, PVH continuously supports Safe Horizon in a compassionate and considerable way.

We are so grateful to have a partner who is engaged in every program we offer and who cares about every client we serve.

Safe Horizon's mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.
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