Child Abuse Victims: Get Help

To Report Child Abuse Call the New York State Central Register of Child Abuse & Maltreatment: 800.342.3720
To Report Child Abuse Outside New York Visit the Child Welfare Information Gateway here
Para Los Servicios del Abuso de Menores en español clic aquí

What is Child Abuse?

Child Abuse Defined: Child abuse includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse inflicted by a parent or legally responsible caretaker.

Child Maltreatment Defined: Child maltreatment includes all forms of child abuse (physical, sexual, emotional) and neglect and abandonment or lack of supervision of a child by a parent of legally responsible caretaker.

Learn how to recognize the many signs of child abuse.

Immediate Help for Child Victims of Abuse

Safe Horizon’s Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) are child-friendly facilities for children who have endured sexual or severe physical abuse. Located in each of the five boroughs of New York City, they provide critical help in one place.

Every one of our CACs is staffed with a team of experts who sit side-by-side to provide victims of child abuse with medical, legal, mental health services, and more.

To see if you can visit a CAC, report child abuse by calling the New York State Central Register of Child Abuse & Maltreatment: 800.342.3720 or learn more about our CACs.

Help for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse          

Children and adults affected by child abuse may require therapy to recover from the trauma. Our counseling center provides the most effective mental health treatment services to adult survivors of child abuse as well as long-term counseling for children affected by abuse in New York City.

How You Can Help Abused Children: Report Child Abuse

If you suspect that a child is being abused, or if a child confides in you that they have been hurt or harmed by someone, it's important to keep calm and tell the child you believe them. Show interest and concern while reassuring and supporting the child.

To report an emergency child abuse situation in New York, call 911.

In a non-emergency:

Help Victims of Child Abuse


Safe Horizon's mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.
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