Anti-Trafficking Program Training and Technical Assistance

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Safe Horizon’s Anti-Trafficking Program has been working with survivors of human trafficking since 2001 and is one of the largest programs of its kind in the country.  We are one of the only programs that offers case management, counseling, legal services and shelter within the same agency.  Because we can address all of these issues, we have become a renowned leader in the field and are recognized as human trafficking experts across the country.  We provide expert training and technical assistance to a wide range of professionals and organizations.

Tailored Trainings and Presentations to Meet Your Needs

Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/ATP_training2.jpgTrafficked persons are often hidden from the public eye, and it is difficult for them to seek help. They may not know what trafficking is, or that the United States offers protection from this abuse. Trafficked persons may come in contact with health care facilities, community based organizations, places of worship, neighborhood businesses, community members, law enforcement agents, and victim service providers. However, many trafficked persons will not ask for help because they don’t know what their rights are, are dependent on their traffickers, or fear retaliation against themselves or their families. Many may know that their rights have been violated, but they may not know how to describe what has happened to them in a way that will get them help and protection.

Since survivors face so many barriers to coming forward, Safe Horizon’s Anti-Trafficking Program focuses on providing training to those who may come into contact with current or formally trafficked persons. Our training efforts help professionals and community members to recognize the signs of trafficking and to assist survivors that they may encounter.

Training can be tailored to the needs of the audience, and may cover the following topics:

  • What is human trafficking?
  • How is human trafficking defined in the law?
  • Ways to identify human trafficking victims
  • Survivors’ options for relief and recovery
  • Social and legal services for victims
  • Human Trafficking Task Force Collaboration
  • New York State response to human trafficking program

Our training experience is extensive!

  • Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/ATP_training1.jpgSince 2004, Safe Horizon has provided anti-trafficking education to more than 6,500 professionals throughout the United States.  We have partnered with the Family Violence Prevention Fund, the U.S. Department of Justice, the Freedom Network Training Institute, the Intergovernmental Institute on Research, the New York City Administration for Children’s Services, the New York State Office of Temporary Disability Assistance, and many other organizations.
  • The program has trained more than 7,800 first responders on ways to identify and assist  trafficked persons. Audience members include law enforcement, social service providers and others.

Freedom Network Training Institute

Safe Horizon is a member of the Freedom Network Training Institute (FNTI).  The FNTI training is based on the applied knowledge and methods of Freedom Network (USA) members who have been on the forefront of the anti-trafficking movement for more than 10 years.  Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery: Practical Tools for an Effective Response is a 10-hour comprehensive training curriculum intended for first responder agencies and donors, and victim service providers.

Technical Assistance to Improve Services to Trafficked Persons

Safe Horizon provides technical assistance to service providers, law enforcement, government officials, and policy makers across the country at the federal, state and local levels. We deliver consultation and training to help these agencies develop a deeper understanding of the laws, policies and practices that help survivors escape and recover from trafficking situations.  Our expert staff also helps to develop, improve and grow programs for survivors of human trafficking across the country and internationally.

For more information or to set up a training, presentation or technical assistance session please email:

Safe Horizon's mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.
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