Adrina's Story: A Chance to Escape

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What made *Adrina finally realize she had to escape violence was when her friend did not.

Adrina had endured nearly three years of verbal and physical abuse from her boyfriend by the time she arrived at one of our domestic violence shelters. During our initial talks with her, she told us why she finally decided to leave.

Adrina told us that just a few weeks ago, her friend Mary* had been killed by her boyfriend. The boyfriend had beaten and strangled Mary to death, then placed her body in a closet. Mary’s mother had gone to the apartment to check on her later that day. No one answered her knock, but she heard Mary’s children crying. She entered the apartment and went to the closet to retrieve some diapers for the children. That is when she discovered her daughter’s body.

Adrina was shocked when she heard about Mary. More than that, however, she was scared. She had been dealing with an abusive relationship herself, so Mary’s story hit close to home. Knowing that Mary’s children now had no parents affected her especially, and Adrina knew then that she did not want to suffer the same fate as her friend. Adrina reached out to find help, and when she did, Safe Horizon was there to provide her and her family with safe refuge.

Today, Adrina considers herself lucky. Not only did she find support and safety through Safe Horizon and can now rebuild her life after violence and abuse, she got the chance to walk away from violence - a chance she wishes her friend Mary had.

Sadly, one-third of women who become homicide victims are killed by their partners, suffering the same fate as Mary. Adrina avoided becoming a domestic violence tragedy thanks to supporters who help Safe Horizon provide hotlines, shelters, and other crucial services to families in crisis.

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* Client names and identifying information have been changed to protect their privacy. Images used are representations of Safe Horizon’s clients.

Safe Horizon's mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.
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