Robert and Sofia, Saving Their Futures

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Back To School

Back To SchoolA few months ago it seemed Robert and Sofia would fail at school.

Robert acted out in his classes and was too hyperactive to concentrate. His little sister Sofia had developed speech problems that made her too uncomfortable and shy to participate in her classes.

But when you have to watch a parent you love suffer violence and abuse … if you were too scared to go home because you were afraid something bad would happen to you or your mom…

…how could you possibly do well in school?

Robert and Sofia are among more than three million children who witness unimaginable violence each year. These children become so worried about things that happen at home that they can’t concentrate on school, and start to fail their classes. When they lose their chance to have a good education, they can lose their precious chance to have better lives.

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Domestic violence and abuse shouldn’t stop children from doing well in school – and it shouldn’t take away a child’s chance to have a successful future.

Robert and Sofia arrived with their mother at one of Safe Horizon’s domestic violence shelters, after their mother called desperately seeking help. It was thanks to our supporters that they could find safe haven, and it would be thanks to our supporters that we’d be able to help Robert and Sofia receive the support they urgently needed to perform well in school.

Many families come to our shelters with little more than the clothes they’re wearing and very few other items, like school supplies. Our supporters help us supply children with backpacks filled with school supplies, and they also help us give children the tools they need to help them overcome crisis.

Robert and Sofia’s mother worried about how difficult things were for her children in school. We helped her to realize that the abuse they’d witnessed at home had affected them so much, they couldn’t focus on school. Then, we helped her by working with our partners to find special programs and counseling for Robert and Sofia.

We’re happy to tell you about the incredible turnaround we saw in Robert and Sofia. Not only did their behavior improved … so did their grades!

The help Robert and Sofia is help that thousands of children each year receive from Safe Horizon. With the care and commitment of our supporters, we can provide families with the tools they need and deserve to heal, and to move toward lives filled with confidence instead of crisis.

Safe Horizon's mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.

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