Olivia's Story: Violence and Abuse

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Olivia Story

Nine-year-old Olivia loved school and did well in her classes. Yet at home, she witnessed one horror after another as her stepfather battered her mother.

The last straw came when Olivia's stepfather slapped the little girl so hard across the face that she bled. The day after, her mother came into Olivia's room and told her to pack as many clothes as she could in her book bag. Yet the one thing Olivia could not take were her school supplies.

Olivia was devastated. School was the one place where she felt safe, yet violence and abuse had taken away not only her home, but school as well. Olivia and her baby brother and mother slept in their car for two days before her mother finally called Safe Horizon.

Olivia and her family arrived at one of our domestic violence shelters. Because of the compassion and generosity of our supporters, we could provide them and other frightened and homeless families with the refuge they desperately need.

Every year, more than 3 million children witness domestic violence. Like Olivia, violence and abuse will cost these children many things – including the chance to start and stay in school. At Safe Horizon, we work to give children like Olivia and their families the hope and help they need to rebuild their lives. Yet when these families come to us, they often arrive with little more than what they can carry - and nothing else.

Children like Olivia deserve the chance to stay in school and to do well. With your help, we can give them the tools they need to have that chance.


Each year, Safe Horizon's Back-to-School Backpack drive provides children at our domestic violence shelters, Child Advocacy Centers, and in our community programs with backpacks filled with pencils, notebooks, erasers, and other simple items needed to get an education. Being able to give children school supplies means helping children find comfort and normalcy when violence and abuse disrupt their lives. It also gives them the confidence they need to start the school year.

Please help a vulnerable child stay in school, with a thoughtful and practical gift today. Any gift you send will be appreciated, and will make a difference in the lives of children and families who need support to recover from violence and abuse.

Safe Horizon's mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.

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