Homeless & At-Risk Youth

Hundreds of thousands of young people lose their homes, their safety, and their chances for better futures because of violence and abuse each year. Learn about homeless youth and ways to give young people in crisis the opportunity to regain their lives.

Every year nearly two million youth become homeless in the United States, and more than 60% will be homeless because of violence and abuse they suffered at home. Yet on the streets, young people will face more violence, abuse, and exploitation because they’re vulnerable and inexperienced.

Safe Horizon’s Streetwork Project address the urgent issue of homeless youth through direct services and advocacy. By providing emergency and long-term help at Streetwork’s locations, we offer young people in crisis places with no judgment – only the chance to regain their lives and futures from the streets.

Young people without the protection of home struggle just to survive on the streets. Learn about homeless youth and how Safe Horizon addresses this issue.

Homeless Youth: Facts + Stats

Only 3% to 10% of the U.S. population identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered (LGBT) – yet among homeless youth, it’s 20% to 40%. Get more statistics and facts about homeless youth

Helping Homeless Youth: Streetwork

Since 1984, Safe Horizon’s Streetwork program has provided homeless youth with a safe, non-judgmental place to find help, hope, and a second chance for a better future. Find out more about Streetwork

Helping Trafficked Youth

Safe Horizon’s Streetwork Project and Anti-Trafficking Program work together to give young victims of sex and labor trafficking urgent support, advocacy, and escape from exploitation. Find out more about our efforts

Homeless Youth: The Stories

Genesis was one of thousands of homeless young people who received the chance she needed and deserved for a better future through Safe Horizon. See more videos or read about other young people who found hope and help.

Helping Youth: Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

Witnessing and experiencing domestic violence or child abuse can leave a lifelong impact on teens, and also make them more likely to continue the patterns of abuse and violence when they become adults.

Learn more about domestic violence

Learn more about child abuse

Homeless Youth: Providing Second Chances

Safe Horizon makes over 19,000 contacts with young people in urgent need of a safe place to find medical and mental health care, shelter, and other tools that can help them escape the streets, thanks to caring and committed supporters. Join our efforts to help homeless youth through the following ways:

Be aware: Stay informed about our advocacy and news on the issue of homeless youth.

Donate: Help provide services and safety to homeless youth.

Know a teen facing homelessness? Call us toll-free: 800.708.6600

Safe Horizon's mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.

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