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Domestic Violence Hotline:
800.621.HOPE (4673)

Crime Victims Hotline:
866.689.HELP (4357)

Rape & Sexual Assault Hotline:

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Granted! Foundation Highlights

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October 2012 Highlights

Safe Horizon’s programs and services are available to victims of crime and abuse thanks to the generous encouragement we receive from individuals, corporations, and especially foundations. This month, we’re grateful to the Robin Hood Foundation, and many other organizations who help move children, adults, and families from crisis to confidence.

 Robin Hood Foundation $400,000 Streetwork Program for homeless youth 
 Humanity United $40,000 Continued support for the Anti-Trafficking Program helping trafficking survivors

March 2012 Highlights

In February, the Heartland Alliance gave Safe Horizon's Anti-Trafficking Program over $26,000, supporting efforts to coordinate services with Heartland Human Care Services and other partner organizations on behalf of trafficking survivors in New York City and the Northeast region.

The New York Bar Association awarded our domestic violence legal services $6,000 to help our team continue their work to provide victims with legal representation in family and criminal court.

Private foundation Lucius N. Littauer awarded $10,000 to support our Streetwork program, helping Safe Horizon serve more homeless youth through our drop-in centers, emergency shelters, and outreach services.

We thank them and each partner that encourages Safe Horizon's efforts on behalf of victims of crime and abuse! 

January 2012 Highlights

In December Safe Horizon's programs helping victims of domestic violence and trafficking, as well as homeless youth, received generous support from foundations dedicated to helping each population receive urgently-needed services. With support from the following organizations, trafficking and domestic violence survivors and homeless youth will receive their chances to have a safer New Year!

The Calamus Foundation $150,000 Streetwork Program for homeless youth 
The Foundation for a Just Society $100
Anti-Trafficking Program 
Roche Relief $15,000 Anti-Trafficking Program 
Epstein-Teicher Philanthropies $10,000 Domestic Violence Programs 

December 2011 Highlights

This season, children and teens affected by violence and abuse have received gifts of support and services thanks to foundations like the Oak Foundation and Robin Hood Foundation. In October, the Oak Foundation awarded a three-year, $1 million award to the Streetwork program, ensuring that more homeless youth will have access to urgently-needed emergency shelter, medical and mental health assistance, and many other resources. Robin Hood also awarded $400,000 to Streetwork, in addition to a second award of $200,000 to support Safe Horizon's Jane Barker Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center, ensuring that abused children at one of the nation's busiest centers will continue to receive critical care, healing, and justice through our services.

The H. Van Ameringen Foundation $100,000Streetwork general support
The Dammann Fund $7,500Streetwork parenting assistance
Luminescence Foundation $6,000General support
New York State Dept. of Health/AIDS $500,000Streetwork HIV prevention and health services for five years


November 2011 Highlights  

Emergency Client Assistance Program Gets $150K Boost

Families in urgent need of help because of violence and abuse now have more support, thanks to a $150,000 second-year grant from a private foundation to our Emergency Client Assistance Program. The grant also represents a 50% increase in funding from 2010, which means providing more families with the financial assistance they need in order to recover, to regain their lives, and to have their chance at safer and more independent futures.

How the Emergency Client Assistance Program helps:


The police referred Doug* to Safe Horizon after he'd suffered a brutal robbery and attack. Doug had been punched and slapped and robbed of his monthly paycheck before his attackers set fire to him. Just before the attack, Doug learned that he had cancer; he’d planned to leave the city and return to his family so they could care for him. After the attack, Doug was terrified and traumatized - and also left with no money to go home. Thanks to a generous donation to our Emergency Client Assistance Program from a private donor, Safe Horizon had the funds to cover the cost of Doug's ticket home. Doug is now safe and being cared for by his family.


After two years, Judy* decided to leave her abusive husband. One evening while she waited for the subway train, her husband found her and attacked her. Judy was so frightened by the attack that she couldn't return to work: Her husband knew where she worked and she was afraid he'd come after her there. With no money and nowhere else to go, Judy called Safe Horizon. Judy found the refuge she needed at one of our domestic violence shelters, and once she arrived, she wasted little time in looking for another job. Judy soon found another job, yet didn't have the money to afford to travel to and from work. Safe Horizon relied on our Emergency Client Assistance Program, which because of generous support from a private foundation was able to provide Judy with funds to cover her transportation costs. The small grant made a big change for Judy, giving her the independence and chance she needed to live her life without violence and abuse.

We are grateful to the support we receive for the Emergency Client Assistance Program and thank our private donor for their generosity and commitment to making a critical difference in the lives of victims of crime and abuse.

*Client names changed to protect their privacy.

July 2011 Highlights

Child Advocacy Centers – providing support for child victims of sexual and severe physical abuse

The Hearst Foundation$100,000 for general support
Hedge Funds Care$48,000 for trauma counseling support
France L. & Edwin L. Cummings Memorial Fund$30,000 for trauma counseling support

Domestic Violence Programs – giving families hotlines, shelter, legal, and community and court assistance

Hyde & Watson$12,000
New York Bar Foundation$5,000 for legal services

Streetwork Project – supporting homeless youth to find refuge, resources, and safety

Robin Hood Foundation$50,000 for general support

Safe Horizon – helping us continue our mission to move victims from crisis to confidence

The Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Foundation$220,000

July 2010 Highlights

Safe Horizon's work to help victims of violence and abuse happens with support from many resources, including our foundation partners. Read below to see which companies and foundations helped us this month.

Lily Auchincloss Foundation:$15,000 to support our Streetwork program for homeless youth
The Barker Welfare Foundation:$4,000 to support our Queeens Child Advocacy Center
Booth Ferris Foundation, Inc.:$100,000 to support construction at our Lang House shelter
The Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Foundation:$25,000 to support our Anti-Stalking Program
Hedge Funds Care:$48,000 to support therapy programs at our Manhattan Child Advocacy Center
M.A.C. Global Foundation:$25,000 to support our Streetwork program for homeless youth
John A. Reisenbach Foundation: $15,000 to support our Streetwork program for homeless youth
The Helene Marks Early Start Foundation, Inc.:$750 to support our Queens OASIS Reader Corner
FJC, A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds:$150,000 to support Safe Horizon's Child Advocacy Centers
New York City Council: $760,000 to support Safe Horizon's Information Technology services
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention$1,947,000 over five years to support HIV prevention efforts through our Streetwork program for homeless youth
New York State Department of Health:$1,100,000 over five years to support our Rape Crisis programs


Safe Horizon's mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.

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