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Living Room

Rest and relaxation are essential components of shelter life. In our living room, women get together to watch movies or chat after a long day.

Does anyone ever have any fun in the shelter?

Although shelter life may seem serious because of the difficult situations that many of the women have fled, not all of the focus is on the past. Shelter residents are also concerned with developing the friendships and social connections that their abusers have prevented them from having. The women also need time to address their personal needs. Several programs in Safe Horizon's shelters aim to do just that.

Recreation and social activities such as arts and crafts, games, movie nights and monthly dance sessions are planned by residents and program staff with activities organized for the evenings and weekends for interested residents.

Even though not all children from violent homes have been abused, all have undergone the traumatic experience of witnessing abuse. A Safe Horizon Children’s Specialist works with staff in all of Safe Horizon’s Shelter programs to develop age appropriate counseling and play therapy groups. They also facilitate these groups and provide individual sessions with children as needed.

Ongoing support groups (in English & Spanish) offer a peer-focused educational environment that helps women understand that they are not alone and are surrounded by women who have survived similar circumstances. Support groups enable women to learn from each other, build trust and a sense of community, and are a valuable tool for women to establish or re-establish independent lives.

The Job Readiness Resource Center provides a training program and resource center specifically designed for emergency domestic violence shelter residents that focuses on successfully moving toward securing an economically sound, satisfying, and enduring professional position in the work force. The resource center offers tools for building job readiness such as a computer lab, job postings and resources for area training programs and much more. The Job Readiness Training Manager does workshops in each of our seven (7) shelter programs and offers intensive training at the resource center that incorporates computer training, interviewing, resume building, financial planning and special presentations to prepare domestic violence shelter residents for the workforce.

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Safe Horizon's mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.

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