One in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. Domestic violence is a major public health issue that can have long-term, devastating effects on victims, families, communities, and even in the workplace. Domestic violence can cost victims their safety, homes, and lives. It can cost businesses almost eight million days of paid work. And, it can cost communities in the United States more than $5.8 billion every year to deal with the consequences.

Safe Horizon is the nation's largest agency addressing the needs of victims of domestic violence. Through our programs, services, and advocacy, we offer victims and their families the chances they need and deserve to receive the tools to overcome crisis created by domestic violence, and the support to find safety and to help break the cycles of violence and abuse happening in their lives.

Learn About Domestic Violence & Abuse

Domestic violence can also involve emotional, financial, psychological, and verbal abuse of victims - not just physical and sexual abuse. Learn more.

The Facts on Domestic Violence & Abuse

One-half of families who become homeless in the U.S. report being homeless because of domestic violence. Find more facts and statistics about domestic violence.

Domestic Violence & Abuse: Recognize the Signs

Safe Horizon offers tips and guides on how you can recognize if you or someone you know may be experiencing domestic violence and abuse. See our Guide for help.

Help for Domestic Violence Victims

Safe Horizon offers a wide range of comprehensive support for victims, from 24-hour hotlines to legal services and referrals to thousands of individuals and families every year. Learn how you can find help.

From Victims to Survivors: Stories

Safe Horizon board member Sil Lai Abrams was one of thousands of individuals who found Safe Horizon during times of crisis. See more videos, or read about the people and families we've helped through our programs and services.

Make a Difference for Families Affected by Domestic Violence

Your support of Safe Horizon provides children, adults, and families facing domestic violence with the crucial tools they need today to find better and safer futures tomorrow. Stay involved...

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Safe Horizon's mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.

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